Athena Swan

Athena Swan promotes and supports the diversity of all staff in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and aims to address gender, race and sexual orientation inequalities and imbalance in these disciplines and, in particular, the under-representation of certain groups in senior roles.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

In the news

Learning to Love Criticism - NY Times, 27 September 2014
By: Tara Mohr

A NEW study by the linguist and tech entrepreneur Kieran Snyder, done for, found two differences between workplace performance reviews given to men and women. Across 248 reviews from 28 companies, managers, whether male or female, gave female employees more negative feedback than they gave male employees. Second, 76 percent of the negative feedback given to women included some kind of personality criticism, such as comments that the woman was “abrasive,” “judgmental” or “strident.” Only 2 percent of men’s critical reviews included negative personality comments.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In the news

Gender gaps - Nature Jobs, 24 September 2014

Last year, male scientists in the United States earned 20% more on average than did female scientists, according to a report by the US National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia. The Survey of Doctorate Recipients looked at salaries across academia, government, industry and the non-profit sector, and found that full-time scientists earn a median of US$100,000, with men at $110,000 and women at $88,000. The disparity is probably because of institutional bias at the earliest career levels, says Janet Bandows Koster, chief executive of the Association for Women in Science in Alexandria, Virginia. She notes that salary differences compound as female scientists advance up the career ladder. Women “are getting a percentage increase based on a smaller amount”, she says.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

In the news

Science’s Sexual Assault Problem - NY Times, 18 September 2014
By: A. Hope Jahren

I am a scientist who studies plants. I like plants. I think about plants almost every hour of the day, and several hours of the night as well. I respect plants and I know there’s more to them than meets the eye, because I’ve been measuring their responses for 20 years. But it is rocks that were my first love and that continue to hold my heart captive. I love rocks with the unconditional love that you lavish upon a newborn baby.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Women's Staff Forum - 16 October 2014

The Women’s Staff Forum will be launching its new Moodle site at the next meeting on Thursday 16 October 2014, 3.00pm–5.00pm in Portland Atrium.
The Women’s Staff Forum exists to offer the opportunity for all women the development of policy and procedure as well as enabling staff to come together, network, offer mutual support, and discuss issues that matter to them.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Career Development Programme for Women in STEM

Support for women in middle management to move on to the next level
This is a 4 day course spread over 3 months
Delivered by Skills 4 and hosted by Siemens in Manchester 

4 day course
Monday 6th Oct 2014
Wednesday 19th Nov 2014
Wednesday 14th Jan 2015
Thursday 15th Jan 2015

Day One:  Future focussed – access current strengths & achievements & create a targeted action plan
Day Two: Confident Communication – explore conscious bias –learn techniques for creating & delivering powerful presentations
Day Three: Authentic You – Explore importance of image, visibility & effective networking on career progression – Gain skills & confidence to showcase knowledge & achievements that they have to offer their organisation
Day Four: Presentation Delivery – Opportunity to consolidate learning from day two through delivery of a pre-prepared presentation – Hear from an inspirational senior WISE speaker

The cost of the course is £1000 + VAT
WISE members - £950 + VAT
(Find out more and book a place here)

Monday, 8 September 2014

In the news

The Motherhood Penalty vs. the Fatherhood Bonus: A Child Helps Your Career, if You’re a Man - NY Times, 6 September 2014
By: Claire Cain Miller

One of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children. Mothers are less likely to be hired for jobs, to be perceived as competent at work or to be paid as much as their male colleagues with the same qualifications. For men, meanwhile, having a child is good for their careers. They are more likely to be hired than childless men, and tend to be paid more after they have children.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

In the news

Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching? - NY Times, 6 September 2014
By: Motoko Rich

AS Tommie Leaders, 22, approached college graduation last spring, his professors told him he would have no trouble getting hired. “You’re a guy teaching elementary, ” they said. Mr. Leaders, who earned his education degree from the University of Nebraska in June, started teaching fifth grade last month in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is the only male teacher in the building.

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Athena Swan Committee Meeting

Dear all,

The Athena Swan committee members of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Portsmouth will meet again on the 10th of Sept. Any staff member interested in participating, please feel free to attend. The meeting details and agenda are:   

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Portsmouth
  Athena Swan Committee Meeting

10th Sept. 2014, 11.00 - 12.00 am, Location: BB1.25 Burnaby Building

 1. Apologies

2. Welcome to new members

3. Brief introduction to the actions proposed and undertaken since last meeting

4. Review of draft application document edited so far

4. Review the SEES Athena Swan blog activity

5.  AOB

6. Date and venue of next committee meeting