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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Learning Support Workshops for February 2016 (Faculty of Science)

These workshops are for anybody in the Faculty of Science to attend.

Each Workshop lasts around 50 minutes. The sessions are relaxed and friendly and provide knowledge to help you to develop your academic skills and gain good marks in your coursework.

If you want to attend any session just turn up on time in the room stated below.
There is no booking needed. Attendance will be on a first come, first served basis.
There will be no admission after the session has started.

If you can’t make a session you really want to attend, please contact me at and I will try and arrange a session for you.

Workshop Date Day Time Room
Making an Academic Poster 9/2/16 Tuesday 3pm -3.50pm Park 3.07
Confidence in Presentation 17/2/16 Wednesday 3pm- 3.50pm Park 2.20
Writing your literature review dissertation 26/2/16 Friday 11am-11.50am St. Michael’s 0.10

Writing a primary research dissertation 29/2/16 Monday 11am-11.50am Library UL 0.37

Making an Academic Poster
How do you make a poster that’s interesting, looks good, is well designed and says everything you need it to? This session has lots of hands on ideas and advice. Please note that the information presented can applicable to other types of poster too, so if your coursework is a poster aimed at another audience then this may still be a useful workshop to attend and the tutor will point out the differences where necessary.

Confidence in Presentation
What makes a good presentation? How do you sound confident and get your message across well? This session will look at how to give successful presentations with confidence.

Writing your primary research project For year 3 (level 6) students and above. Writing up your project or dissertation can be a daunting task.  How is it organised and what should it contain? This session will give you the answers that you need by exploring each section in turn.

Writing your literature review dissertation For year 3 (level 6) students and above. A literature review is a very specific type of task and one which is hard to carry out well. This workshop will discuss methods, approaches, analysis, structure and function of a literature review, using a practical perspective. It will highlight what a literature review should do, where students go wrong in writing them and how to avoid those mistakes. This session is directed at students NOT doing primary research but who are doing a full literature review as course work or a dissertation.

In March and April there will be a series of workshops on Exam and Revision techniques. These will be announced later this month.

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