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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

SEPM Student Participation Grants

SEPM has established a new student presentation/travel grant program entitled SEPM Student Participation Grants. These grants provide travel funds for students that have abstracts accepted to SEPM 'approved' meetings and conferences.  An 'approved' meeting is one that SEPM has reviewed and endorses the topic, program and operating organization. Full details available here.
The rules for applying for an SEPM Student Participation Grant are:

1. Grants are only awarded to attend 'approved' meetings (see the list link on the webpage)
2. Applicants must be SEPM Student Members in good standing for at least 6 months prior to the application.
3. Students can only receive one grant per year
4. Deadline for an application is two months prior to the meeting
5. Applicants must have an accepted presentation abstract (poster or oral) that can be verified by the meeting organizers
6. There are limited number of grants per meeting and all grants are awarded based on merit and application date
7. Grants are limited to $300 for meetings local to the applicant and $500 for more distant meetings (determined by the review committee).

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